Strategic solutions to help you maximize productivity + profitability

I Know You're Feeling...

Motivated to grow your business and offerings, but need help to make it actually happen

→ Held back from growing and scaling your business due to the lack of a plan, clarity, or hands-on help

 Overwhelmed with your never-ending to-do list and knowing what to focus on next

→ Consumed in work and therefore you’re not able to spend enough time on the things that matter most to you

→ Stuck where you’re at in your business and ready to start making some big moves

I Can Help You...

Create a Clear, Actionable Plan: Customized to your business and goals, whether through 1:1 support or step-by-step guides or courses.

✓ Identify Bottlenecks and Gaps: Optimize your systems and processes with our templates and resources or strategic support to improve client and team retention and experiences. 

✓ Strengthen Your Business Foundations: Ensure a clear brand identity, mission, vision, and values with personalized support or ready-made resources.

Find Aligned Team Members: Get direct assistance in recruiting and onboarding the best team members, or use our streamlined hiring template to simplify the process.

✓ Align Marketing Initiatives with Goals: Make sure your marketing efforts are effectively showcasing your value and purpose, with strategic planning support or our marketing templates.

 Understand Data and Metrics: Guidance on what and how to monitor to achieve your desired results, whether through personalized support or our customizable templates.


I understand that sometimes you need quick, effective solutions at your own pace. That’s why I’ve created a range of digital products and free resources to support your journey to business success.

Explore our online shop for templates, guides, courses, and workbooks for service providers ready to enhance operations, save time, and achieve their goals efficiently.

Whether you need a quick fix or want to optimize your business at your own pace, our digital solutions are here to help you succeed!

“Outside of her skills, she’s geniunely an amazing person to collaborate with.

Johnette’s kind, enthusiastic, and is always one of my top cheerleaders. I adore this woman and my life (not just my business) is better because of her.”


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Ongoing Support
for Small Businesses

As your trusted strategic partner, I'll work closely with you to align your team, operations, and marketing with your business foundations, ensuring a solid framework for sustainable growth.

From optimizing operational efficiencies to fostering team growth, my goal is to maximize your productivity and profitability every step of the way.

With regular check-ins and proactive problem-solving, I'll provide the consistent support and guidance you need to not only navigate challenges and find opportunities for growth, but cheer you on and support you every step of the way.

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Strategy + Consulting Packages

Whether you're a solopreneur seeking clarity or a small team looking to grow efficiently, my strategic support is tailored to your needs and goals!

Single Strategy Sessions: Dive deep into specific challenges or opportunities with a focused 90-minute strategy call, designed to provide valuable insights and direction.

Project-Based Consulting: Need help with a particular project or initiative? Let's craft a customized plan with actionable steps and resources to drive powerful changes in your business.

Strategic Growth Plan: Ready to take your business to the next level? Take your business to the next level with my signature 30-day strategic growth plan. With in-depth strategy sessions and an actionable plan tailored to your unique goals and challenges, you'll gain the clarity, direction, and plan you need to make big shifts in your business.

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Building an
Aligned Team

Ready to expand your team but unsure where to begin?

Don't have the time to sift through countless applications?

Finding the perfect fit for your organization is crucial for sustained growth and success.

Whether it's defining the role, crafting a custom job description, developing a clear hiring plan, or providing a customized digital application and screening system using AirTable, I will help streamline your hiring process!

With my help, you'll not only save time and energy but also receive the tools needed to find the best candidate for your needs.

Click below if you're looking for ways to find your next best team member!

Looking for a quick turnaround?


A full day of high-quality support without the long-term commitment

This is an incredible option for those who could use an extra hand to tackle those tasks or projects needed to move their business forward, but just don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to make it happen.


✓ Honeybook System + Workflow Set Up/Optimization

Craft a Custom Job Description + Hiring Plan

Create a Personalized Onboarding Process For Your Clients or Teams

✓ Develop SOP Docs -or- an SOP Organization System/Library in AirTable

✓ Optimize or Expand Your Membership Community in

✓ Set Up A Custom Hiring System in AirTable (Digital Application Form + Screening)

✓ Development Of A Custom Content Planning System (AirTable)
& More!

“Johnette has been an amazing addition to my small business…”

 “…She is organized and efficient and really goes out of her way to emulate what I am seeking. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking!”   -Brooke (Spa Owner)

So, how do we get started?

1 – Connect

If you think you could benefit from my products or services, let’s chat!

Feel free to send an email to or click the link below to connect and share a bit more about your needs. From there, we can hop on a complimentary call to talk in greater detail and see if we feel we’d be a great fit to work together! No catch, I promise!

2 – Proposal

Based on our conversation,  I will put together a customized proposal for you based on your specific support needs and budget.

If everything looks good to you, you’ll simply approve and proceed to review the contract, initial invoice, and intake form to get us started!

3 – Results

Once the contract, invoice, and initial payment are out of the way- I get to work helping you to achieve your goals!  

We’ll establish a plan and timeline for the specific support needs you’ve secured and dive in!



For Virtual Assistants + Online Business Managers

Gain Clarity + Confidence
To Grow Your Business

→ Are you a new or aspiring virtual assistant or OBM searching for the roadmap to success?

  Perhaps you have an established business but are feeling stuck or unsure of things. 

No matter where you are in your journey, I would be honored to guide and support you as your biggest cheerleader- providing valuable insight and resources, and using my own experiences and tools to ensure you’re set up for absolute success. It’s like having a business bestie but even better.

If you desire to grow a successful business around flexibility and freedom with someone who truly gets it – Let’s Connect! 

*Limited Spaces Available

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